The Benefits of Strategic Workflows

Strategic Workflows have been developed from the IT industry and is aimed at simplifying the collection, transformation and management of information. The Workflows include a group of generic actions and sub-actions, which are then linked to one another via pipelines. They make the collection, transformation and management of data more manageable and provide a greater level of control over business activities.

The development team first conducts a requirement elicitation to understand business requirements. The elicitation enables the developers to identify the data types that are relevant to a business. The next phase involves the design of Workflows that are specific to each organization’s requirements. Once the generic Workflows have been identified, they are further refined for each organization by establishing how the data will be stored, transformed and finally used in business processes. The final steps involve testing of the Workflows to ensure that they are fully functional.

Strategic Workflows has rapidly become an integral part of many companies’ data management systems. Their extensive use is prevalent in healthcare, media, retail, consumer and technology sectors. This trend is set to continue as more organizations become aware of their benefits and realise the value of simplified processes and better productivity. Organizations that embrace Workflows will continue to improve their revenue as well as their efficiency in operations.

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