• TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ is a London based, DLT / AI, software development, applications and services company providing solutions to industries, governments and consumers.

  • Sami Bel Hadj

    Sami Bel Hadj

    Software Dev Manager, Tech evangelist, Blockchain Exp, Machine Learning, https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbelhadj/

  • Juyeon Park

    Juyeon Park

  • Shaun Feeley

    Shaun Feeley

  • Dominika Nestarcova

    Dominika Nestarcova

    Crypto-enthusiast and legal researcher on legal risks in distributed ledger technologies, ICOs and the legality of smart contracts. Singapore.

  • Barton Armstrong

    Barton Armstrong

  • Priyakant Charokar

    Priyakant Charokar

    Passionate software professional with over 15 years of incredible experience in design, architecting and development of software applications.

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